Thursday, November 30, 2017

God bless the bus drivers and the school teachers who are on point everyday!

Even when the bus is late, as it was today; we are grateful participants of the community of education and being educated.

Friday, September 22, 2017

What a wonderful birthday surprise from Grandma Bodden and sister!!!$$$$$$$$count your blessings!

a picture magnet and money from her and from Grandma!!! What a rich fellow you are!

Learning to wake yourself up?

Mother, I get up at 5, you said at 5:30 this morning... I am not responsible for that. You are. You were behind schedule 2 days in a row. Expecting your mother to carry you from your bed to your shower, etc. Making lunch and leaving it behind, you caught the bus, by the skin of your teeth. This is not good. You have an alarm. You have a very distinctive alarm, which is waking all the other members of the family up, but not you. Over the weekend, we must practice the wake up call. You should be playing taps for everyone else, whose schedule is later in the day.

You can do this, my good young man. Learn from the mistakes this week and turn it around to get out of the house at a responsible timely manner.

And, don't forget your lunch!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

THE NERVE OF YOU! Freshman Impetuosity? Or a personal bent to jump in first?

I am starting to see a trend, I think. This, nearly fourteen years of mothering you, Ezra: has afforded me the privilege of seeing that you jump in and then ask what the composition of what you are jumping into is. NOT GOOD!

Fourteen years ago, it was birth. Forget about waiting for your lungs to be fully developed or your spine fully strong, it was time to be born, when you said so...a month ahead of schedule. Freshman open house- it was time to go to meet the teachers on your time-table. This morning, in the pitch black early rainy morning 6:30am, you ran headlong, nearly into the traffic of the main street to catch a bus that was nearly out in the traffic of route 73!


I could yell till I am blue in the face about waiting and watching both ways and knowing that there is always somebody here to take you to school another way and you would still run out there, "halfcocked"! NOT GOOD! I will need to compose a homeschool camp to help you see safety as more important than getting there, even if on time. I know you have been instructed about bus safety. Those rules don't change in High School, son! You still have to wait for the bus driver to see you, before you board the bus. Don't ever, ever run behind a bus like that!
You will be a car rider one way or another, if this behavior is continued! NO LIE!

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Have a great time, baby!

12:20am - On my way to New York I have seen a cool hotel thing with red lines pointing upwards

12:22am - I had thought I was ready for everything but it turns out I am not. Most of my gadgetry was in my back pack and we had to put my B.P. on a rack. Woe is me. Maybe I will try to get it when we stop somewhere for a spell.

7:23am - we went on a bridge over an ocean (I think)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

You forgot to tell me to put my skates on, entering the bathroom after you.

I could scream! I could say other things. I nearly fell. Would it hurt you to dry your body, after a shower? I think that is mean to your mother and not just forgetfulness. I will discuss it with you tomorrow, but first, I must get my composure. I know that it is because you are usually after me in the bathroom. How that bathroom got so wet, I will never know? You had no bucket. But I thought I should have carried my chemicals and my mop, up with me to my bath, I couldn't have predicted it. I know that the others in the family realize this about you and jump on you with both feet. I don't think that is the right way to handle an oversight like this. After I picked my imagination off of the floor, almost, I said to myself, "Who could have done this to me and why?" My father would have yelled sabotage and we all would have heard him, even from his grave{it seemed}. I have all too much of his disposition to start yelling sordid interjections into the air, in my fury. OH dear, I feel better, now that I realize that no bones were broken, in my imagination of falling and splattering all over the floor.
Try to remember, if you have to go to the toidy after a shower, dry the floor.

"Don't plant butterflies!"

"Don't plant butterflies!"
Ezra At School 2008

Bear books I'm fond of

  • Winnie the Pooh, Corduroy, Paddington Bear, The Francis series.


First Day of Kindergarten