Monday, January 29, 2018

My God is Good!

He expects us to imitate Him in excellence in the things that we do as well!
The finals of the Aussie was just such an example to me. Men scaling the walls of human impotence to grasp an unattainable moment of excellence in bodily acumen. Mind and body syncapating to continue through a fortnight of grueling heat and competition.

I love the mens' final and the male motivations that are shown in the finals. Like male lions, they use their roaring serves to intimidate and hope to find some hole of inability and emotional submission from the opponent so that they can pounce upon it. And pounce they do, just to find themselves the pounced upon here or there throughout the grueling 5 sets, should they find themselves that fortunate to have elongated the pleasure and the pain that long

In the first set, "The Fed" was all over it. He served up the ultimate indignity, by successfully dropshotting from a serve! This is a humiliation that must be repaid, in tennis terms. Cilic took the entire rest of the set to recoup from such a disrespectful expression. He found his "a" game about the second game of the second set and began to really serve, his better self. Time and again he hit corners that seemed impossible shots, only to find his retribution from his opponent to be seemingly effortless and reflexive.

He is not the "King of the Courts" because he accidentally hits this or that shot. He is not vaunting himself without reason. He says to his opponents, if you want this prize, you will have to earn it decisively. I will not give it to you. He uses the adversity of the other guys' winners to prod him to another level of play. This is a wonderful expression of how God expects us to jump and hold our heads upright in imitation of Him.

This world is not our home and these crowns are not our crown. But how much more is excellence required in the things that we are called to do.
Swiftly, after the conquest of the first set, these men fell from their lionlike vaunt into a snake squabble. It wasn't pretty for a good while, as the mighty men traded venomous strikes here and there on the line and threading invisible needles in the air. Their tremendous prowess in doing these things were clouded by the rapidity that they traded these amazing shots. Had there been a sword in their hands, the blood would have been flowing all over the place. The showmanship was amazing, but the swiftly traded shots were hard to follow. We should have a slowmotion camera playback on each one to truly appreciate the skill it took to make those shots. They made it look easy and that was the sad part of it. They are both amazing athletes and skillful swashbucklers and the second set made me wish for more of the lion that I saw in the first set.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Second Semester of Freshman Year Begins!

Where are my gym shorts? I found them for you. I hope you grow to a strong and fit fellow!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

What a Powerful Actor, you were last night!

I am grateful that I was able to get to see your debut in the play. I am not sure that you will pursue the arts, in that way. You are a handsome fellow and you were very capable at projection and reality in your presentation. I am pleased that you turned all the way around so that I could see your face at the end part. Your interjections were clear and well directed, also timely. No real pauses were in the presentation. It was well done.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

God bless the bus drivers and the school teachers who are on point everyday!

Even when the bus is late, as it was today; we are grateful participants of the community of education and being educated.

Friday, September 22, 2017

What a wonderful birthday surprise from Grandma Bodden and sister!!!$$$$$$$$count your blessings!

a picture magnet and money from her and from Grandma!!! What a rich fellow you are!

Learning to wake yourself up?

Mother, I get up at 5, you said at 5:30 this morning... I am not responsible for that. You are. You were behind schedule 2 days in a row. Expecting your mother to carry you from your bed to your shower, etc. Making lunch and leaving it behind, you caught the bus, by the skin of your teeth. This is not good. You have an alarm. You have a very distinctive alarm, which is waking all the other members of the family up, but not you. Over the weekend, we must practice the wake up call. You should be playing taps for everyone else, whose schedule is later in the day.

You can do this, my good young man. Learn from the mistakes this week and turn it around to get out of the house at a responsible timely manner.

And, don't forget your lunch!

"Don't plant butterflies!"

"Don't plant butterflies!"
Ezra At School 2008

Bear books I'm fond of

  • Winnie the Pooh, Corduroy, Paddington Bear, The Francis series.


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